Merry Christmas

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Star Wars ANYTHING was the hit of the holiday! #lights #presents #winter #christmas #christmastree #STARWARS #downedtrees #happy

Wonderous Wyoming Wilderness

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We stayed in beautiful Jackson, WY. On our free day we took a wilderness tour which was amazing! I saw more wildlife then I have ever seen before in my life! We caught a glimpse of a bald eagle, horned goats, dear, many bison and even moose! The landscape in Wyoming is truly majestic! #snow […]

The Disaster After the Storm

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This storm left everything but the calm! With nearly 200,000 people out of power and thousands of roads closed the catastrophe around us was not to be missed! On our way to breakfast this morning we took quite the detour due to downed trees and power lines that were still sparking! Took some pictures on […]

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