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Booking Holidays Minis 

Holiday Gifting for Kids

Crafts With Kids

Toys and gifts are going fast, so it’s time to get shopping! First and foremost I need to tell you that I am an “experience” kind of gift…

The Pros and Cons of Mini Sessions

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With fall around the corner, and a high amount of interest and bookings, I’ve been hit with a whole bunch of questions. I thought this…

Why You Should Add Underwater Photography to Your Next Session

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Guess what? Did you know I do underwater photography? (Hopefully you answered “Yes!” to that question.) I thought explaining a bit more…

COVID-19 Shelter in Place Family Photos

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During these challenging times, I have found it most rewarding to focus on the beautiful, if somewhat mundane, bits of everyday life. …

Pacifica Cozy Newborn Session

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The holidays have come and gone, and what’s next? Valentine’s Day! This sweet holiday so often goes unnoticed but can be a lot of fun and…

Our Life During Quarantine: Family Swimming & Pizza Night

Our Family

Something we love to do as a family is host family pizza nights. They’ve become a staple of our home life! Whether it’s an ordinary…

Our Life During Quarantine

Our Family

Do we get a do-over of March, April, and May when the quarantine is over?! We may not need it, though, because we have had so much fun…

Neighborhood Inspirational Chalk Walk

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April showers bring May flowers or, in this case, chalk! This pretty little chalk walk was inspired by the shelter in place order issued…

Quarantine Crafts: Try These Toilet Paper Crafts with Your Toddler

Crafts With Kids

With the excess of empty toilet paper rolls now that everyone is at home in quarantine, why not make them into a fun craft? Who knew…

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

Photo Tips

For beginners, capturing that perfect moment through underwater photography isn’t always easy. If you’re just starting out in underwater…

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