Brews & Brats

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Adding hops Today’s post is a bit off topic but we had so much fun making beer and sausages (both from scratch) that I had to share! Yesterday was the epitome of Sunday Funday, we had some friends over to break in the new meat grinder attachment for our Kitchen-Aid mixer. Let’s get a hooray […]

Cookbook Cooking

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We love cooking so much at our house! Even if we don’t do it as often as we should…but were getting better! I just had to share this picture of the collection of cook books we have amassed over the years. #barbecue #baking #BBQ #bright #yum #bakedgoods #cooking #food #books #eating #pizza #cookbooks

Good Pizza in California

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We have learned that if you want really good pizza in California, you have to make it yourself! The boys built a temporary wood fired pizza oven and we all reaped the benefits of deliciously yummy pizza. I think the photo can speak for itself here! #california #pepperoni #cheese #oven #sausage #crust #food #delicious #Fire […]

Asian American Fusion

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On Friday night we visited the Town restaurant in San Carlos for Dillon’s Birthday.  We really enjoyed the Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll appetizer.  So much so that we had so we decided to recreate these delectable little bites for our Memorial Day BBQ yesterday.  Success!!!  Also paired with this amazing raspberry chipotle sauce from Whole Foods, […]

Garlic: the natural anti-biotic

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“There is no such thing as a little garlic.” Arthur Baer No statement were truer this past weekend at the annual garlic festival in Saugerties, New York. a beautiful drive upstate, my friends and I indulged in every kind of garlic flavored food you can imagine, even garlic cookies & ice cream! My favorite […]

Eliza B is Six

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alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5480939736664650850″ /> This past weekend my cousin and god-daughter Eliza had her 6th Birthday party at a Farm, . She is a beautiful and bright young girl whose party and adorable face made for some great shots. Enjoy! This horse was a Leo – Like me! Donkeeeyyy! #birthday #children #chocolate #cupcake #Farm #donkey #feet […]

Kumkquats = Delicious

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I had no idea until I tried kumquats for the first time last week, but they taste like candy! They are like sour patch kids – sour at first then sweet!! #sweet #fruit #grass #spring #orange #sour #food #kumquat

Food Photography Class

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Yesterday amid the crazy Nor’easter I was taking a food photography class with amazing professional Lou Manna. check out his site to see some of his work. It was a great experience and I learned a TON! Here are some images from the class (as they speak louder than words) #loumanna #photography #food #nyc […]

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